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HouseBook. Indentiy and Branding

When portraying the HouseBook philosophy, we set out to design a 'character with personality'.

Using light and shade we united a pitched roof and a book jacket, with the chimney helping to describe the ridge of the house and the spine of the book. We now have real and virual members of this family, helping us tell the ongoing HouseBook story.

Using sales data and client reviews, HouseBook matches property hunters with the most suitable local realtors. HouseBook then nurtures these relationships, helping to create homes for family and professionals.

We undertook a complete rebranding as part of the expansion from their original base in New York City in the east, to Phoenix, Arizona on the west coast.


Please make contact to discuss your corporate identity requirements.


Identity rebranding and an initial six book jackets for the philosophy publisher Bigg Books

Publicity presenters for @IconBooks.

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