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HallidayBooks Website Relaunch and Special Offer

Welcome to the brand new HallidayBooks website.

After twelve years of running my children's publishing imprint, I've taken the bold step of uniting this with my previously unconnected design agency; settling both beneath the HallidayBooks banner. now represents my entire creative output covering publishing, corporate identity, branding, packaging & character development. This site will be a central point of contact for bookshops, design clients worldwide, schools, charities parents and kids and anyone who intentionally, or otherwise, crosses its path.

I trust that those who are familiar with my children's titles The Lonely Tree and The Scummage will be interested to see what keeps my creative juices within their sell-by-date and my design clients, surprised to see I have time for anything else!

From the publishing side of the HallidayBooks brain, you can expect to read of new titles and editions, international rights and publishing deals, along with exclusive special offers from our growing online shop. While on the design side, expect case studies, highlights and updates from clients old and new.

I trust this publishing and design synergy gives a clearer picture of HallidayBooks and invite you to please make contact. I look forward to building on established relationships and welcoming those yet to come.


To celebrating the website launch The Lonely Tree Kindle edition is reduced to 99p for the whole of November in the new HallidayBooks shop. A MASSIVE 80% SAVING!

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