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"Utterly completely and splendidly charming. Originally illustrated and delightfully told." Stephen Fry


This new high-resolution Kindle edition is a facsimilie of The Lonely Tree and is designed especially for tablets. The stunning illustrations are shown at their very best and zooming-in to find the hidden animals is now a delight as more details within the images can be enjoyed. To view this edition download the latest free Kindle App HERE. Best viewed on an iPad or tablet.


This beautiful and moving story follows the first year in the life of a lone evergreen tree growing in the heart of the ancient oak woodland of the New Forest.The evergreen is befriended by the oldest oak who has lived for hundreds of years. When winter arrives all the oak trees must go to sleep, but of course evergreens never sleep. Finally, after a long, cold and lonely winter, spring brings both sadness and joy to the little tree.

The Lonely Tree Kindle

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