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"The Scummage is striking! An arresting journey to take with a young reader." The Observer


The pampered family cat is upset and confused – he can't understand what this new 'pet' is that's arrived in the house.The story unfolds page-by-page as the author leaves clues to what this creature might be. It has sharp teeth, sleeps all day, screams all night, throws its food about and is very smelly! The cat begins to imagine the terrible possibilities, which every parent and sibling will understand. However, it doesn't take long for him to understand "I love the Scummage and the Scummage loves me. It's not monstrous at all, it's a sweet little baby!" 


The Scummage is charmingly narrated in rhyme by the cat and filled with beautifully detailed humorous illustrations.

The Scummage

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